Sam is just amazing, I really like the touch he had with my family and guests and he really knows what he is doing. My wedding was at the beach and he was able to find the most amazing spot in Laguna beach to have the pictures taken, once he emailed me the finish product I could not believe how perfect it all was. He was so natural and caring as well as professional, I was iniatially supposed to call him or text him once we got to the place so that he could start, BUT once I got out of the limousine, he was there ready to go and already had taken about 20 pictures before I came out. My guest and family were impressed since we had another family wedding about 10 months ago and of course you were able to see the contrast in the professionalism, from the way he dresses to the way he is. I do want to say -sorry Sam, it was a really humid day, you are amazing and thanks for making my day amazing as well. 1000 star rating for sure.

Geselle R., Wedding Photography - Yelp 5 Stars