Pilly comes in for a portrait

Pilly comes in for a portrait

This is Pilly, he or she came in for a portrait. Pilly's government name is Nymphalis antiopa but is also known in the streets as the Mourning Cloak.

Pilly will turn into a large butterfly. After Pilly's conversion he or she will have a life-span of 11 to 12 months, one of the most extensive life-spans for any butterfly.


I spotted at least eight of Pilly's family members climbing the exterior of my house and invited Pilly in for a few minutes. She came in took a few pictures and was back to climbing to the roof. I assume they traveled to the roof to climb onto a tree that has overhanging branches.



Some of Pilly's family is literately hanging around.

dad bday-2-2

dad bday-1-2

Pilly was shot with a Nikon D7100 and a 18-200mm Nikon Lens on a tripod. I used a handheld speed light over her.